The Story of Lekki Shootings by Survivors

Following global outcry over the Lekki mayhem, the Nigerian authorities have strenuously denied that the killings occurred. The police have also been accused of storming the homes of some of the protesters, arresting them without warrant and whisking them to unknown destinations. Bank accounts of some of the promoters of the protests have equally been frozen in a manner reminiscent of the military era.

As more human rights abuses are documented, the general feeling among Nigerians is that the victims of the Lekki mayhem and those unjustly targeted by the Nigerian state may not get justice.

This feeling was reinforced when Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Army started making contradictory statements about the events of that night.

The Army initially denied sending troops to shoot at armless protesters. In fact, on its official Twitter handle, it made the denial six times, asking people to “Beware of fake news”.